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Michaud Earns Endorsement from Teamsters

SOUTH PORTLAND – The Teamsters Local 340 in South Portland announced this week that its executive board unanimously voted to endorse U.S. Rep. Mike Michaud in his run for governor.

“Mike has been an unwavering ally for labor in every office he has held, his track record speaks for itself,” said Vianney Soucy, president and principal officer of Teamsters Local 340. “He is a man that you can depend on doing exactly what he says he is going to do to help move Maine forward.”

Michaud has been a tireless advocate for the state’s working families his entire career, the Teamsters said in their endorsement. Michaud knows how hard it can be to make ends meet for blue-collar Mainers.

“The coalition supporting Mike continues to grow. We’re seeing amazing enthusiasm all across the state,” said David Farmer, a senior adviser to the Michaud campaign. “Mike has a track record of bringing people together to solve problems, and that’s showing up in the growing number of people backing his campaign.”


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