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Firefighters, Police Groups Endorse Michaud

Michaud thank the Professional Fire Fighters of Maine and the Maine Association of Police for their endorsement.

PORTLAND – The Maine Association of Police and the Professional Fire Fighters of Maine today endorsed U.S. Rep. Mike Michaud for governor.
“Mike Michaud has worked diligently to support first responders and our issues both in Washington and back here in Maine,” said Paul Gaspar, the executive director of the Maine Association of Police. “A staunch supporter of veterans' issues, the congressman has worked tirelessly on behalf of our veterans, many of whom have continued their service as police officers. Mike has a proven track record on issues concerning working families and is admired for his ability to work across the aisle to get things done.”
The Maine Association of Police joined the Professional Fire Fighters of Maine for a joint press conference with Michaud.
“We are committed to making sure that the next person in the Blaine House understands what it is to live the life of a working family,” said John Martell, president of the Professional Fire Fighters of Maine. “We are getting behind Mike early because we want to let people know that Mike has always stood with us and that Maine firefighters are standing with him. He’s the kind of leader Maine needs, someone who will talk about the good things in our state and treat everyone with honesty and respect.”
During the press conference, Michaud thanked the first responders for their support and for their service to their communities.
“Every day, police officers and firefighters throughout Maine risk their lives to keep us all safe,” Michaud said. “I’m honored to have the support of these brave men and women. Throughout my career, I have worked hard to make sure that police and firefighters receive the support that they deserve, and that commitment will never change.”
For example, Michaud said, he is currently working to secure federal funding for a research study in Maine to make sure the state protects firefighters while they are on the job from toxic chemicals that may cause cancer.
In addition, Michaud has worked to provide vital grant funding for fire and police departments and, while in the Legislature, protected municipal revenue sharing from cuts while defending the pensions of fire and police personnel.


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